Unipal capabilities provide full service value added FMCG infrastructure

​Market Logistics
Route to Market
Corporate Support Functions

Unipal operates the biggest most advanced full service supply chain and logistics.

Our state of art warehouses are the biggest in the Palestinian territories, managed through advanced warehouse management systems, and complement the end to end supply chine management system.

Unipal operates 2distribution centers in Ramallah ( Food/ Cold Storage & Non Food), one in East Jerusalem and one in Gaza. 

  • The most advanced distribution center (DC) in Palestine.
  • Ramallah DCs are 8,700 sqm, capacity more than 12,500 pallet.
  • Safety Stock of 45 days is kept at the WHs
  • Special storage area :  The DC is designed to store products that requires special storage conditions; cold / freezing conditions, ambient conditions, and special controlled storage areas.
  • Centralized control via warehouse management systems
  • Product manipulation capability up to 50k units daily.
  • Shipping Team of 30 people operate 15 Trucks to deliver products within 24-72hr from order per perfect orders criteria.
  • Vans Operations : active 8 vans mainly in the food & confectionary division to secure direct coverage.
  • Vehicle Management & monitoring technologies
  • Import and local purchase & procurement management
  • Cost efficient shipping routes
  • Production to shelf route management, sales forecast efficiency to satisfy market demand, with optimal case fill rates.
  • Product registration and compliance to authority’s regulation
  • Labelling

Unipal Route-to-Market strategy is derived from its Mission & Values, by providing full-service value added FMCG distribution in Palestinian market.  Our company distribute high quality branded FMCG products to every household via operating best in class Go-To-Market practices, for which trade and consumers are reward us with leading sales and profits.

And to fulfil this mission, during the past 25 years, Unipal has build a remarkable reputation in the market as being a trusted partner with the local trade, by offering an inclusive route to market to all trade channels, it being HFS high frequency stores (traditional stores, bakalas), modern trade, wholesalers, pharmacies, cosmetics stores, rosteries & creperies, as well as HORECA. 

Palestine being a traditional market, caecum of personal relationship, win-win approach, and innovative market practices, custom serviced to each individual customer, resulted in mutual trust, a cornerstone for Unipal business.

Channel Operations

Market Landscape: A traditional market based on a network of Wholesalers, who distribute to smaller retail stores, modern trade is still have the smallest share in the market.

Total Universe

~ 9,000 stores

Of turnover (Weighted Av)

Traditional trade & small supermarkets

~ 7,600 stores

74% of turnover


~   550 stores

20% of turnover

Modern Trade

~    6 stores

4 % of turonver

 Specialized Teams

To achieve best in class coverage, Unipal sales force is divided to a group of specialized sales teams, who focus on brand distribution and availability.

Unipal has a dedicated sales team for each business line and business channel, Tobacco team, IQOS team, Food & Nonfood retail teams, and dedicated Confectionary van operations, and the list doesn’t stop here.

A dedicated merchandising unit specializes in visibility and implementation of 15 years old loyalty program.

Although modern trade is the smallest fraction of the market, yet it’s the fastest growing one.

Unipal has a dedicated sales team, who in cooperation with the marketing & commercial team , partner with Key Accounts on a long term win-win partnership though a joined business plan / contract.

This partnership enable Unipal to maximize its portfolio availability, visibility and competitiveness.

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