Unipal operates efficiently full logistic services and supply chain management, that handles the import process for our vast business portfolio, to insure sufficient and timely supply of products to the shelves of the Palestinian market.

This includes product & trade marks registration, insurance of sufficient safety stocks, and managing import from all over the world.

A professional team with vast experience handles the import process, and they partner with leading shipping & clearance agents.

One of the key strengths of Unipal GTC is its logistical cycle, including warehousing and shipping capability.
Today Unipal runs a modern highly efficient warehouse in Ramallah, Hebron & Gaza, with 45 days stock being managed, via insuring proper execution of all Quality Assurance (QA) elements, and an efficient stock management & forecast system.
Our Distribution Center is biggest in Palestine, with a storage capacity of ~ 9000 pallets, to accommodate the business expansion.
Customer service & Shipping team of 60 people operates 30 vehicles to deliver products within 24-72hr from order cross WB & Gaza.

Sales & Coverage

Unipal as the leading Distribution Company, One of its key strengths is its coverage & outreach network, make possible through its best in class sales team, with 100 best top leading sales professionals in Palestine. Unipal aim to cover the highest number of POS’s through different trade channels, we also conduct a regular market scan to identify new opportunities in coverage, as the trade environment evolve in the Palestinian Market.

Sales operations are split into three main divisions: Consumer, Tobacco and Beauty. Our team have controlled market coverage direct and indirect over 8,000 relevant points of sales throughout West Bank & Gaza.

Today we estimate our Direct coverage around POS’s ~2,000, this is covered by Section Mangers covers wholesalers plus A+B stores, pre-ordering system delivery within 72 hours, and Cash Van sales operations who deliver goods direct to the store.

The Indirect coverage estimated POS’s~ 6,000, covered via wholesalers, who’s performance are closely monitored by section managers and supervisors. To insure proper control and KPI’s implementation in the market especially in those areas covered by WS, Unipal deploy best in class and the only long term loyalty programs in Palestine, these programs are driving the success, sustainability and growth of our business portfolio.

Unipal deploy 3 retail loyalty programs:
1.Golden Store Program : targeting top stores in class A+B+C segments
2. Sub Distributors Program: Targeting Groceries in rural areas and
3. Whole Sale Incentive programs.
Apart from retail loyalty, Unipal deploys wholesale incentive via giving end year bonus on pre-set targets for volume, distribution & POSM distribution.

Quality Assurance & Customer Service

UNIPAL has adopted P&G QA system by implementing the 19 Key Elements of the Quality Assurance. It includes the regulation of the quality products and components delivered to our customers. In April 2008 UNIPAL received a rating of 100% first from P&G, the first distributor in CEEMEA to get this rating.

We at Unipal, strongly belief; that customer satisfaction is the key to success and is indeed the correct measure of how well we carry out our mission. Quality is accomplished through our continually improved quality system, culture and customer satisfaction by providing the right superior products and excellent exceptional services thereby building everlasting relationship with both our s ...

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Customer Services

As an integral part of our company’s customer value proposition, the service is provided by experienced staff members who deal with all sorts of customer complaints before, during and after the purchase.
Our customer complaint system is being thoroughly implemented and followed up. In addition, Customer satisfaction level is being measured semiannually, results and area of improvement are being shared, recommendations and action plan are set for immediate deployment and improvement.

Unipal always works towards upgrading its systems and investing in high -end technology to better optimize performance, efficiency and customer service. Our IT infrastructure is a vital strategic element in achieving our business.

Today we have efficient systems that Supports Unipal business:

* Microsoft Dynamics Ax ERP
* Mobile Sales Force Automation System - IVY Mobility
* MS Office 365
* Tablue - Business Intelligence Software
* Laserfiche - Archiving & Work Flow management
* Sales Forecast Pro - Demand Planning & Forecasting
* Advanced Hardware infrastructure.

Marketing & Commercial

The Marketing & Commercial Department, focus its efforts towards enabling the company to further strengthen its position as Leading Distributor in Palestine, by providing a continuous pipeline of superior products & brands that will meet the needs and aspiration of the Palestinian market, via careful crafting of price positioning, shelving & distribution strategies, ATL & BTL activities.
The Marketing Department will work towards continual improvement of its trade marketing and loyalty activities to sustaining company’s NO.1 position in the local market and always be the preferred supplier for the Palestinian trade customer.
As Part of its Business Development role, the department works closely with its current principles to further develop & drive their businesses in the Palestinian market, as well as focuses on the outreach towards attracting new principles and new business potentials.
Marketing department manages multi-million US$ marketing budgets, provided by its principles, to support its brands activities, and results in sustaining the competitive edge, keep the market leadership, and further grow and expand our business. All new businesses can be easily integrated with these activities, thus instantly gaining a competitive edge.
While focusing on trade marketing and running best in class loyalty programs targeting key wholesalers and retailers. We keep our focus for winning at the first moment of truth at the shelf level, by focusing on our fundamentals of geographic & product distribution, proper shelving and category management, price stability, and finally proper merchandising.
Marketing Department support the company & its brand via proper balance of ATL & BTL activities, along with targeted sponsorship.

Human Resource

Our organizational structure encourages individual responsibility and entrepreneurship. We support our employees in both their professional and personal development, helping them to deploy their skills and their creativity for their personal success and that of our business.

We employ over 280 employees and regard our people as our key asset of the company, therefore constantly work on staff development to further enhance their professional performance so that our mission can be realized. UNIPAL feels obligated to provide training & development programs which improves the organization’s effectiveness and productivity by enhancing skills, knowledge, abilities and competencies brought to the position by the employee and necessary for work related success.
When it comes to sales and distribution personnel, Unipal has a policy of employing only the most capable and experienced personnel, and ensuring they are equipped with the most modern technologies and business practices, which adds up to our vision in delivering the best products and services while enhancing and developing our employees capabilities, believing they are a major asset.